Is Too Much TOO Much?

We need to create limits and boundaries.  Perhaps no one would complain about such an extravagant display of flowers, but there are certainly other areas where we must say, “WHOA!”  Time! Money! Details! Those three items are far from flowering, so let’s take a look at how you can draw the line between yourself and others.


Think of that time you were late for an appointment because a neighbor nabbed you on the way and wanted to talk and talk and talk.  You didn’t want to appear rude – but! Sometimes we waste our own time by not planning out our days. No matter how your time is taken, safeguard it.  You know what they say. We can’t get back any lost time. It’s gone for good. Treasure it. Don’t waste it. Take your time with the right things – but make sure that you are the one taking it.  Don’t allow others to take your time.


We often pay too much.  People are glad to take the extra money from us, but why burn your paychecks on what you can purchase for less?  Take a second look to see if you can find a way to pay less. That’s where the Internet can help you. With just a few keystrokes, you can do a quick survey of how much an item is worth across the board.  It’s a wise aphorism that needs to become a motto: “People are rich because they don’t spend their money.” Don’t allow others to take your money.


It’s one thing if you are doing some research and need to find an answer in these books.  It’s another thing when it’s YOUR information that is out there, and people can do research about YOU.  Be resistant to providing too much information. Question the need for your details. Avoid posting personal data anywhere in the electronic world.  Set the boundaries so that your details can be as private as possible! Don’t allow others to take your details.

We sure don’t want to live in a tower, but poet Robert Frost told us that fences do make better neighbors. Secure your yard so that you don’t encourage others to take what they want from you.  What you have is worth keeping close. Your customers are also worth keeping close. Be in touch with them to let them know how they can save time, save money, and provide only the necessary information to learn more about bargains and sales you may be running.  Check us out at The Six Figure Mentors to keep in closer touch with those interested in your products and services.  Then you’ll be doing just enough!

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