Getting a Head Start

“Good morning is a contradiction of terms.”  That was Garfield’s motto, the orange cartoon cat Jim Davis created years ago.  If we start our day like grumpy Garfield, the rest of our day may not get much better.  That won’t get us very far, so let’s see some ways we can put a positive spin to our day by what we do in the morning. 

Take Time to Meditate

A few minutes of unfocused musing helps to clear the slate and erase any negative self-talk.  Research indicates that taking time to reflect strengthens your self-control, improves your habits, and enhances your memory. Sit comfortably, breathe in deeply, and let your mind drift away from worries and concerns.  Morning meditations start your day with a fresh start, pushing away from that busy mind syndrome.

Take Time to Thank

Reflecting on all that is going well in your life helps to recharge your perspective.  Being grateful now somehow brings more reason to be grateful later. Much has been written about the power of positive attraction, and that all starts by saying thanks.  Take it one step beyond and tell others that you are grateful for them and what they mean to you, giving them specific reasons. Gratitude starts your day with a brighter start, knowing it makes us realize that what we have is just enough.

Take Time to Write It Down

Having only a vague sense of what needs to be done today can weigh you down with a gray heaviness, pushing creativity to the back corners of your mind, increasing angst and anxiety.  Write it down. Create a list and put the tasks in order, so that you can plan your day efficiently and effectively. Being organized gives your day a gentle start with a plan to make the most of the time you have.

Positive morning rituals will give you a head start on the rest of your day.  When you approach your day and start your mornings with a positive attitude, you’ve got an advantage.  You’ve reset your mind to seek out more answers, more opportunities, more adventures. Want to give your business a head start?  Click on this link and bring a new ritual to your business.  The six Figure Mentors is a way to learn all about the advantages of online marketing and to move forward faster.

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