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When you walk down the aisle and graduate with your classmates, you may figure that your studies are done.  You’ve finally learned enough to move on. Don’t stop there! Your life will be so much more meaningful if you now begin to learn what you want to learn – not just what you have to learn.  Get a hobby – learn a language – take on a project. Why is it important to keep on learning?

To Find Yourself

She went to college to become a teacher.  She was with her students in the classroom for six years before she realized that this was not for her.  Months later, she graduated from the Police Academy and started a new career. Do yourself a life-changing favor:  choose the best career for you, the one that matches your interests, your talents, and your skills. When that match is made, you’ll keep on wanting to learn more.  At retirement, you’ll look back on years of a rewarding career that you really enjoyed.

To Promote Yourself

He left early to eat dinner before his Psychology class.  He was the trainer for the local electronics firm, and in class, he was learning more motivating others and communicating better. This young man had already learned an invaluable lesson:  to move up the career ladder, we need to keep on learning. Take workshops. Attend conventions and conferences. Go back to school. Some businesses will fund it all for you, more than willing to invest in you and your future with the company.  By learning more about what you do, you’ll become a more valuable employee and resource at work.

To Entertain Yourself

She was well beyond the age to debut on stage, but tap dancing was her passion.  She loved the music, she loved the rhythm, she loved the noise of the tap-tap-tap.  By having a hobby like that, she could keep in step with an exercise that made her happy.  Pursue a skill or a talent and turn it into something to do during your free time. Maybe you like DIY projects around the house.  Perhaps you would rather hike up a mountain. Do you enjoy reading mysteries or historical novels? Whatever it is – treat yourself to something that will keep you learning and keep you young.

….Now that we’ve looked at WHY it’s important to keep on learning, let’s look at a few ways HOW we can do that….

Read More

It doesn’t matter the format – but make words work for you.  Get your hands on anything that will help you learn more. Some read the New York Times from front to back.  Others listen to a book being read to them.  Still others view a podcast on YouTube and learn that way.  “Read” in any format you prefer, but make it a weekly if not daily goal to learn something new.

Ask More

Remember how in school it was best not to ask questions?  That would reveal how much you didn’t know. That’s behind you now.  Learn by asking. Talk to the experts. Get answers from those in special interest groups. Keep looking until you find the right answer, and look even beyond that to find yet another right answer.

Push More

Don’t allow yourself to flatten out.  Go to the next level. Play bridge? Keep learning until you are a Bridge Master and run tournaments in the American Contract Bridge League.  Like to run? Keep adding distance until you can run a half-marathon or go the entire 26.2 miles. Enjoy cooking? Keep trying new recipes so that you can treat your friends and family to delicious 10-course meals.  Learn more and more so that you can become better and better at what you do.

Education is mandatory during our formative years – after that, it’s a choice.  In order to develop your potential, add color to your thinking, be a learning superhero and keep right on learning.  Speaking of that, want to know more about using the Internet to build your business? Click on this link and see how virtual networking is another way to promote a business. Come learn all about it!

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