So Many Problems

Not all of life’s problems are computer-related, even though sometimes it might seem so.  What are the most prevalent problems that distract us from what we want to do – or even need to do?  And what can we do about them so that we can get back on the path to productivity? Certainly, there are more problems than we will discuss here, but let’s take a look at several of them.

 Problem #1:  Passwords

It seems that nowadays EVERYTHING is password-controlled.  Sure – there are good reasons for passwords, but is it ever a cerebral challenge to keep them all straight!  We could make it easy on ourselves by using the same password for all applications. Not a good idea. Those out there in the know tell us that each one needs to be unique.  Not only that, but it’s advised that we should change them every month or so. We have two problems when it comes to passwords: first, we need to create strong passwords that mischief-makers won’t guess.  In other words, don’t use PASSWORD or any rendition of that as your password. Even if you add 123 after it, that’s still not a good choice. The other problem with passwords is that you really need a smart way to keep track of them.  Creating a note in your phone listing all of your passwords is probably not a good idea. What do you do to solve the password problem?

Problem #2:  Forgetfulness

This problem can cause a major rift between you and others.  Forget the birthday of someone special? You may need to pay for that all year long. Worse yet – what if you forget your anniversary with your special sweetheart? Yikes! That might lead to all sorts of strife!  And what if you forget that you were meeting the plumber at your house at 2 PM. Oh, no – and you know the hourly rate for most plumbers.  And good heavens – what if you forget someone’s name – someone you know well. What do you do to remember all of these pieces of information?

Problem #3:  Lack of Sleep

Many drink several shots of coffee to start the day, and then they wonder why they feel so tired a few hours later.  Caffeine is a temporary fix. When your day goes on and on and on and often into the night, it’s important to call it a day. The average person gets fewer than the recommended seven hours of sleep each night – with some getting as few as five! Some people think that stretching their day into the night helps them be more productive since they are awake more hours than not. It doesn’t work that way.  The human body needs that precious sleep to rejuvenate – to keep us happy and healthy. What do you do to make sure you are sleeping well?

Problem #4:  Bad Habits

We have some favorite bad habits – overeating, smoking, biting our nails, drinking to excess, spending too much.  These habits can have a huge impact on us and on others. Many of these bad habits lead to stress and poor health and plague us into our graying years.  They are hard to shake. Some habits have been with us for a decade or even several, and we’ll try for a while, but somehow they come back, maybe even stronger than before. They say that it takes three weeks to break a habit, but that’s 504 hours which is 30,240 minutes – and it only takes a second to start up that habit again.  What do you do to break a bad habit?

These four are everyday problems that can plague us.  Our focus may be on them instead of what would keep us on track for success and happiness. Don’t lose sight of your life’s goals – and use the ideas you have about getting rid or around problems, shaking yourself of them. Should you have a problem with your business and need a boost in your online marketing – well, that’s a problem with an easy solution.  Use the tools we offer at Six Figure Mentors and cross off at least that problem from your list!

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