Happy Humans

An essential part of advertising is focusing on the benefits your potential customers will have when they purchase your product or service.  We want each of them to be happy humans! How can you do that? They need to have a strong sense of how their purchase will benefit them. Let’s look at the four types of customer benefits so that you can emphasize those in your advertising campaigns.

Core Benefits

Focus on why your customers buy your product or service. What is it they need?  What are the main features of your product or service that make people buy it? That is the main functional benefit of your business – the core benefit for your customers.  Often this is enough for the sale.

Expected Benefits

What is the unstated reason that your customers buy your brand name?  Because of that, what is the implied benefit of the purchase? For instance, if you sell Rolex watches, they are going to expect the stellar qualities that such an expensive watch brings.  What do your customers expect from your product or service? It might take these expectations to make the sale.

Augmented Benefits

What extra benefits are there that your customers don’t always know about before their purchase?  Perhaps they discover that yours turns out to be the best of its kind that they’ve experienced. Maybe they didn’t realize how much it retains its value, well beyond their initial impression. These benefits are a pleasant surprise for your customers and may generate excitement after the purchase.  Because of this, your customers focus on these after the purchase and may bring on new customers for you because of them.

Potential Benefits

Your customers have an imagined expectation of what using your product or service may bring for them.  Perhaps they think that it will bring them a perceived sense of status. Maybe they think they’ll look better or feel better or even be better once they try your product or service.  These benefits may not be real or actual, but if your customer feels as though these might be the case, then that might make the sale. Some customers base their purchase solely on these benefits.

As you can see, there are four different approaches to what makes customers happy humans.  Ponder what previous customers have praised about your product or service. Determine which type of benefit those comments show and emphasize that in your advertising campaign.  Want to get the word out there to your potential customers? Join us at Six Figure Mentors to benefit your business.  We’re here to help you implement systems and tools that are already proven to work and scale your business!

Lars Deshayes

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