At Home on Facebook

Ever worked in an office or store where you felt right at home?  Everything was just where you wanted it, and people felt comfortable when they visited?  How would you like that very same feel for your business and be at home on Facebook? They make it quite easy for you to settle in by creating a Facebook Page.  Let’s see what needs to be done to make that move.

How Long Does It Take?

You would be the one creating your own Facebook Page.  With the easy step-by-step process, Facebook claims it takes minutes!  It’s a matter of clicking on a link so that you can create a Business Page – and you are given two choices:  Are you wishing to create a page that is focused on a business or a brand OR are you wanting to advertise as a community or as a public figure?  Selecting the first option takes you to a new page where you provide details about your business – the name of it and then you select what type of business it is.  Facebook even helps you with that. You start typing a word or two that describes the type and then you are offered a number of choices. The next step is to provide a profile picture – of you or of your product or service or something linked with the business.  You also have the option to skip that part of the process. You can add an optional cover photo, too. Many say that photographs can attract customers, so you might want to consider that. Before you know it, you’ll see your business page! How much time did it take?  Probably less time than it took to type this description.  

How Much Does It Cost?

You would think that a place on this worldwide online presence would cost you a bundle.  After all, your business will have a virtual storefront on Facebook where two billion people can take a look-see.  Guess what? It costs NOTHING! No cost. No charge. Nada. It’s absolutely free! That’s not all that is free either.  Facebook includes some free tools so you can make your page a marketing magnet. You can interact with potential customers, post videos and photo-stories, and even automate responses.  One caveat which is really no big deal. You do need to have a personal profile on Facebook in order to have the luxury of having a FB page, but that’s all.

How Does It Look?

Years ago it would take education and experience for someone to design an eye-pleasing online presence.  Not so anymore! You can make your business page look the way you want by borrowing from templates and adding your own style.  You don’t need to describe what you want to someone else who will then create it for you. You’re the creator. The page is yours and  becomes an expression of your business. You will need a business page in order to advertise on Facebook. The page is free, but the ads are not.  Once you have created your page, you can invite those you know to come and look at it. You can add new information to your page and keep the information up-to-date.

Want to Know More?

Facebook has all sorts of articles and guides to help you expand your online horizons.  They’ve got a Help Center where you can ask questions and seek advice. They have dozens of free courses that you can take on Facebook Blueprint with topics like getting started —to— measuring the success of an ad campaign —to— learning how to connect with others using Instagram or Messenger —to— making money with the content on your site.  They’ve got quick links to learn about what’s new and also to FAQs where you might answers to questions you have. Facebook Business is user-friendly and provides all sorts of tips and encouragement. There’s help everywhere you look!

So, why not give it a try?  Creating a Facebook Page is simple, quick, and free – and can help you connect with customers out there that you have not yet met.  Before too long, you are bound to feel at home on Facebook. We’d also like it if you felt at home with us here at The Six Figure Mentors.  The welcome mat it out and the pot of coffee is fresh.  Come on over for a visit. We’d love to see you!

Facebook Marketing 101

One and a half billion people use Facebook every day!  Can you even begin to imagine that? So, what are all these folks doing on Facebook?  They are connecting with family and friends, looking for things to buy, and catching up on news.  Those all sound like perfect reasons to launch a marketing campaign on Facebook for your business.  Let’s take a look at the details and see if it would work well for you.

Focus on Them

There’s not much of anything at all that would be of interest to over a billion people!  What you need to do is to target the people who would be suitable customers for your product or service.  Let’s say that you actually do sell lavender candles and bath salts, so you might select these categories to filter out any but your potential customers:  single females from ages 20 to 80 who live in colder climates. After you select your choices, Facebook actually does the work for you! They match your ad with those particular FB users!

Focus on You

Do you want your customers to come to you or do you want to go to them?  A Facebook Page attracts the people who would like to know more.  Facebook makes it easy to set up a place where interested parties can come to learn more about your business, moseying around looking here and there, and asking questions and providing feedback. You are walked through the creation of your Facebook Page step-by-step.  On the other hand, a Facebook Ad targets who you think your ideal customer would be.  Again, you’ll be walked through the creation of the ad, and then Facebook will find your target market.  They take the huffing and puffing out of these steps for you. All you need to do is to focus on your business, your advertising objective, and figure out what you want and need.  Facebook does the rest. As for your objective for this business campaign, Facebook advises that there are three categories: awareness, engagement, or conversion. Depending on your focus, you will make different choices.  Facebook will walk you through all of that, though, so you’ll be well on your way to finding your new customers or reconnecting with current ones.

Focus on It

Now that you’ve got their attention, be sure to tell them the news.  Tell them what’s going on with your products and services. Maybe there’s something new right around the corner.  Perhaps there’s a big sale coming up next week. Maybe there are updates to the current product or news about customer support.  Don’t just leave these folks hanging. Tell them something that will pique their interest and keep them coming back.

Want to Know More?

Facebook takes over from here. They offer what could be called the more advanced Facebook Marketing course with walk-through strategies, timely and detailed newsletters, and straightforward development of your Facebook Page or Ad.  The information is out there. By using such a well-traveled route with all of the traffic on Facebook, your efforts can make your sales skyrocket. Look for more information on the Facebook Business site and soak it all in. It’s not free to market on Facebook, mind you, and that’s another decision you’ll need to make.  Before you say either YES or NO, though, be sure to take full advantage of the tips and resources available.

We also offer a way to skyrocket your marketing campaigns.  Read the free Marketing Guides we provide for our clients, like “Lead Generation Made Easy” or “Social Media Essentials.”  Come join us here at THE SIX FIGURE MENTORS to learn more about boosting your sales.  We’d be glad to show you how!

Is a Bargain a Bargain?

Good deals bring in more customers, right?  Maybe not. Some may shop only when items are discounted.  Others may clip coupons to save that extra dollar. So, does that mean it’s a solid business practice to provide discounts and coupons on your product or service?  Let’s take a look at both sides of this coin to figure out the answer to this question.

Are They Good for Customers?  Maybe.

Chances are if someone is in the market for your product or service, that person will compare costs across the board.  If the price is what matters, a discount or coupon may tip the scale in your favor with that special one-time good deal.  People like to save money, and if they are sticking to a budget, they only have so much that they can spend on an item. So, yes – if they can save money, that sounds like a good deal for the customer.

Are They Good for Customers?  Maybe not.

Here’s the catch, though.  Often if we pay less for something, we value it less.  Think of the top brand name items. They are usually the ones with the top brand price tags. A bargain price offered as a discount may seem like a last-ditch effort to lure a customer to buy something that will soon be updated and replaced. Also, what about the loyal customers who just paid more for it?  How will those customers feel? Not so good. Hmm. So maybe a discount or coupon isn’t such a good deal for customers after all.

Are They Good for Business?  Maybe.

A lower price will still bring in a profit.  Your hope is that the discount will bring in more new customers and you’ll make more money than if the price had not been changed.  More business means more profit, and right now perhaps your sales numbers need a boost. Maybe the end of the year is coming, and you want to show an increase from last year.  Or maybe a new product is soon going to be released, and you want to sell what you’ve got now. If the good deal is time-limited, people will have that sense of urgency to make the purchase. All in all, that sounds like a good deal for business, right?

Are They Good for Business?  Maybe Not.

What if those additional purchases are made using a debit or credit card?  There’s another discount, but neither customer or business profits from it.  The banks are making the additional fees to process the purchase. But how many people use cash anymore?  Another point – limiting the sales. Unless the bargain deal is limited in some way – like only during a holiday weekend or only to a certain group of people like retirees or those in uniform – your business could lose money allowing customers to save money.

What’s the Answer?

Just like many other questions, the answer is complicated.  Perhaps there’s some benefit on either side of the bargaining chip.  Regardless, those of you business owners wishing to increase sales must keep an eye on how much of an increase in business you actually could handle.  You’ll also want to launch such a campaign when times are slow and transactions are low. Instead of a discounted price, perhaps what your customers really want is snap-to-it customer service and pertinent communication about tips and updates.  Maybe the best deal for customers is five-star service. That’s not so often given anymore by most companies out there. Happy customers come back for more and bring with them neighbors and friends.

Here’s the real deal.  No matter what business decision you are making, it’s important to look at both sides of the coin.  Considering a matter from the perspective of your customers keeps you in better touch with their needs and desires.  Here at The Six Figure Mentors we offer a tried and true lead generation product and excellent customer service. The two of those are a bargain in themselves and keep our customers in place.  LEARN MORE and see why that is.  We’re here waiting for you!

Loyal to the Cause

No matter the country – being patriotic to one’s land and being loyal to the cause is a choice.  We help to make a country our home by doing the maintenance tasks like obeying traffic laws, sweeping the sidewalk, voting for our choices, and paying taxes.  The same goes for running a business, so let’s look at these analogies one at a time.

Obeying Traffic Laws

When we are running our business and supporting our customers, we must be honest and helpful.  By staying on the right side of right, our clientele learns to trust us and to become loyal to our product or service.  When the rules of business etiquette are not followed, success becomes slippery and soon out of reach. We need to look both ways when making a turn in traffic and keep our customers in the loop.

Sweeping the Sidewalks

We need to keep our business tidy and organized.  Most of the sidewalk in front of homes can be seen by neighbors and those who pass by.  When it’s not kept free of leaves, weeds, paper, and dirt, the sidewalk becomes less a thoroughfare and more an eyesore.  Even that which cannot be seen through the public eye needs to be tidy and presentable. There’s pride in keeping things organized and balanced.  By keeping your budget in good shape, your business will follow suit.

Voting for our Choices

Those who run businesses make decisions every day about the products or services they provide.  Should we make sweeping changes based on customer feedback? Should we advertise on Facebook or Instagram?  Should we keep the 4th of July a company holiday? Making decisions is one thing, but we must also express them.  Let your customers know what is going on, what changes are up ahead, and how they can keep abreast of those. If they balk much, then find out more from them and let them cast their vote.

Paying Taxes

The numbers are often complicated when it comes to business finance.  It’s important to know what you owe and what goes in the company bank.  Financial integrity is essential for the success of a business. It’s not worth it to have more than one set of books!  Hire an accountant who can help you keep your business afloat and your books balanced. By keeping close track of your fiscal responsibilities, you have a much better sense of the bottom line.

Parades and fireworks are happy, patriotic celebrations, honoring your country’s history and success.  The same is true of a business – employee recognition and holiday parties are tributes to a just cause and a hurrah for teamwork.  We can help your business achieve even more success. Just know that The Six Figure Mentors is definitely at your company’s parade, rooting you on!  Click on THIS LINK to learn more about us.

Is Too Much TOO Much?

We need to create limits and boundaries.  Perhaps no one would complain about such an extravagant display of flowers, but there are certainly other areas where we must say, “WHOA!”  Time! Money! Details! Those three items are far from flowering, so let’s take a look at how you can draw the line between yourself and others.


Think of that time you were late for an appointment because a neighbor nabbed you on the way and wanted to talk and talk and talk.  You didn’t want to appear rude – but! Sometimes we waste our own time by not planning out our days. No matter how your time is taken, safeguard it.  You know what they say. We can’t get back any lost time. It’s gone for good. Treasure it. Don’t waste it. Take your time with the right things – but make sure that you are the one taking it.  Don’t allow others to take your time.


We often pay too much.  People are glad to take the extra money from us, but why burn your paychecks on what you can purchase for less?  Take a second look to see if you can find a way to pay less. That’s where the Internet can help you. With just a few keystrokes, you can do a quick survey of how much an item is worth across the board.  It’s a wise aphorism that needs to become a motto: “People are rich because they don’t spend their money.” Don’t allow others to take your money.


It’s one thing if you are doing some research and need to find an answer in these books.  It’s another thing when it’s YOUR information that is out there, and people can do research about YOU.  Be resistant to providing too much information. Question the need for your details. Avoid posting personal data anywhere in the electronic world.  Set the boundaries so that your details can be as private as possible! Don’t allow others to take your details.

We sure don’t want to live in a tower, but poet Robert Frost told us that fences do make better neighbors. Secure your yard so that you don’t encourage others to take what they want from you.  What you have is worth keeping close. Your customers are also worth keeping close. Be in touch with them to let them know how they can save time, save money, and provide only the necessary information to learn more about bargains and sales you may be running.  Check us out at The Six Figure Mentors to keep in closer touch with those interested in your products and services.  Then you’ll be doing just enough!

Finding the Right Words

We use words to answer questions, to make suggestions, to make sales.  Which words work best for our business? And where do we find them? You might find it ironic that in an attempt to find more customers, you actually will find those works from your customers.  How does that work?


Get to know those who are your customers.  How would they describe themselves? What are their likes and dislikes?  What are some of their favorite things? The more you find out about your current customers, the more you can use that image in mind when you are designing your next marketing campaign.  You want to have more people like these folks, so use those words to attract them.


Once someone has used your product or service, what questions do they have afterward?  Focus on those. Use those words to find solutions and answers – and then make good use of those words.  If they’ve had those questions, others may, too, so answer them before they have them. Use the words to support your current customers and to convince those who have not yet arrived.


Feedback from your current customers may be the best source for the words to attract new customers.  When people are happy about your service and product, ask them to be specific. What is it that they like the best?  How can we make it even better? Their responses are golden. Use their comments to build your next advertising campaign.  Quote them when you describe the features. Focus on how to improve your business and then advertise that. Feedback is such an invaluable source of words.

The words we might use on our own may not be the ones that will attract new customers.  Find those words from your current customers and take full advantage of them. We have more words for you and your marketing campaigns.  Check us out at The Six Figure Mentors to send newly-worded messages to your clients.  We’ve even got campaigns developed by a marketing guru with our Express Setup purchase. We’ll help you to find the right words!

Food for Your Brain

Just like we need a balanced meal for our bodies, research done by neuropsychiatrists Dan Siegel and David Rock tell us that we need a platter of brain food for a healthy mind.  Including the following seven activities for your gray matter in your daily diet, your brain will function much better. Let’s take a look at how we should spend time for our brain.


Your body needs sleep more than you may know.  Many of us stay up late, getting just one more thing done, and the morning surprises us.  The night flew by too quickly! Your brain takes that rest time to do some housekeeping, integrating what is happening during your waking hours.  When you are asleep, your mind and your body are not. They are working together, digesting food, making good use of sugar, and being vigilant against germs, viruses, and other internal varmints. TAKE TIME TO SLEEP!


Instead of telling yourself that you’ll do it tomorrow, get to the gym today.  It’s not just your body that benefits from exercise. Believe it or not, Siegel and Rock and other medical professionals will tell you that moving those muscles help to make the brain grow and stay healthier for longer.  Go for a swim, take a walk, ride a bike. TAKE TIME TO MOVE!


We live in such a frenzied, quick-paced world that we seldom take the time just to pause.  To sit and do nothing. To chill. Just to relax. Too often we think that kicking back is not productive.  Not so. Our brains enjoy a little rest with nothing in particular to think about. TAKE TIME TO RELAX!


It’s also important to have time on your mind platter to think something through and in a burst of cerebral activity, see it through, to put it into focus.  Take a good look at a project you are working on or a solution you are pondering. Figure things out. Don’t let anything interrupt you. Stay put with your phone off and concentrate.  TAKE TIME TO CONCENTRATE!


Your brain also enjoys moments of fun and games.  Don’t always keep your brain in serious mode, but instead, break away to play a Sudoku game or to color a picture or to sing a song.  Let the child in you emerge and enjoy your youth lived at a later time. Giggle with friends, go to a musical, catch the latest show. TAKE TIME TO HAVE FUN!


Perhaps you don’t have a labyrinth nearby, but take the time to reflect, to go inside and explore your thoughts and feelings about things.  By integrating your emotions with your logic, you can better make sense of things. Experiencing your emotions puts color to your way of thinking, and anchoring your thoughts with the strength of logic helps you to balance your reactions.  TAKE TIME TO PONDER!


Get out and talk to people.  Enjoy the sunshine. Be in awe of your surroundings.  Mother Nature’s best shows are often ignored accidentally.  Be grateful of what you have and pass along a compliment to someone else.  Do something nice without getting caught. Connecting with others helps you to connect with yourself.  TAKE TIME TO BE KIND!

The USDA has moved from the Food Pyramid to the Food Plate.  That’s what inspired Drs. Dan Siegel and David Rock to create the equivalent for these brains that make us who we are.  So you can be a better person, be sure to treat your brain to these seven time zones so that your brain will be at its healthiest.  Likewise, if you would like your business to run better, come join us at The Six Figure Mentors to add new items to your marketing platter.  We would love to show you what we’ve learned along the way about maintaining a healthy business!

Getting a Head Start

“Good morning is a contradiction of terms.”  That was Garfield’s motto, the orange cartoon cat Jim Davis created years ago.  If we start our day like grumpy Garfield, the rest of our day may not get much better.  That won’t get us very far, so let’s see some ways we can put a positive spin to our day by what we do in the morning. 

Take Time to Meditate

A few minutes of unfocused musing helps to clear the slate and erase any negative self-talk.  Research indicates that taking time to reflect strengthens your self-control, improves your habits, and enhances your memory. Sit comfortably, breathe in deeply, and let your mind drift away from worries and concerns.  Morning meditations start your day with a fresh start, pushing away from that busy mind syndrome.

Take Time to Thank

Reflecting on all that is going well in your life helps to recharge your perspective.  Being grateful now somehow brings more reason to be grateful later. Much has been written about the power of positive attraction, and that all starts by saying thanks.  Take it one step beyond and tell others that you are grateful for them and what they mean to you, giving them specific reasons. Gratitude starts your day with a brighter start, knowing it makes us realize that what we have is just enough.

Take Time to Write It Down

Having only a vague sense of what needs to be done today can weigh you down with a gray heaviness, pushing creativity to the back corners of your mind, increasing angst and anxiety.  Write it down. Create a list and put the tasks in order, so that you can plan your day efficiently and effectively. Being organized gives your day a gentle start with a plan to make the most of the time you have.

Positive morning rituals will give you a head start on the rest of your day.  When you approach your day and start your mornings with a positive attitude, you’ve got an advantage.  You’ve reset your mind to seek out more answers, more opportunities, more adventures. Want to give your business a head start?  Click on this link and bring a new ritual to your business.  The six Figure Mentors is a way to learn all about the advantages of online marketing and to move forward faster.

Boost Yourself

It’s not always going to be easy.  You’ll have dry times when there are few sales.  You might even start doubting yourself, doubting your business.  That’s exactly when you need to boost yourself. How do you do that?  Let’s find out.

Don’t Compare

Often we compare ourselves to our neighbors, to our colleagues, or even to our friends.  That’s a no-go. When we do that, we’ll often walk away unhappy with ourselves and our own details.  Instead, compare yourself with how you were yesterday. Do what it takes to make changes today so that you’ll be more successful and confident, knowing that you’ve learned from mistakes you’ve made and can do things even better.  As Rosalynn Carter once said, “You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.”

Take Good Care

Aim to stay healthy.  Avoid the usual habits that cause stress to your body – drinking, smoking, overeating.  Treat yourself to exercise and fresh air. Go to annual checkups and make sure that everything is ticking and talking right.  Get enough sleep. When you take better care of your body, it will take better care of you. Maintain your health, treat yourself well, and that in itself will boost your spirits overall. Thomas Jefferson reminds us that “…health is worth more than learning.

Do What You Dare

Too often we might be rough on ourselves.  That dark voice inside may whisper the negative – letting us know that we can’t and we won’t and we don’t.  Instead of trying to drown out that voice, use it as a challenge. Maybe you can do that.  Maybe you will do that.  Maybe you do that already.  Embrace those doubts about yourself and test them out.  Are they true? If not true, plow through them. If they are true, then see what you can do to work around them.  Lou Holtz tells us, “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

When you boost yourself, your self-confidence gets a lift.  When you feel good about yourself, you’ll often be more willing to try new things, to take more risks, and to enjoy life more.  That boost can also refresh your approach to your business. We can also help you boost your business. Click on this link and learn more.  We’d be glad to help you lift off the ground!

Leverage Facebook Groups to Increase Web Traffic

Facebook groups can be a valuable tool for business owners. Online marketing for small biz requires using the best tools to get the most value and that includes Facebook groups. It’s free to join a group, and there are millions of them available on the social media site.

How to Find Relevant Facebook Groups

One of the great things about Facebook is that it will suggest groups to you, based on your likes. So once you’ve joined a few groups, you’ll start seeing suggestions for others that suit your niche. However, to get started, you have to find some on your own.

You can find groups for literally any topic under the sun, so look carefully at your target audience and figure out what groups they’re hanging out in. Then go join a few of these.

Many business owners join FB groups that are created for business owners. While this can be great to bounce ideas off other people, it’s not a good place to reach your audience (unless your audience is other business owners). You will see more results when you join groups where your audience is hanging out.

Once you’ve found and joined several groups, what do you do?

Making Use of Facebook Groups

The first thing you should do in any Facebook group is read the instructions and rules. Every group has these, either in the group description or in a pinned post on the group page. Make sure you understand what is allowed and what is not.

With the rules in mind, you can then begin to interact with the group and leverage the information you glean.

Introduce yourself: You should always present yourself as an individual on these groups, so introduce yourself, not your company. Most groups allow for a link in the introduction post, but be sure to read the rules to make sure. Then post an intro that explains who you are, any relevant information in regards to the niche, and what you do.

Ask questions: Go ahead and ask people questions in the group. It’s a great way to interact, but it has the added bonus of helping you glean information. Use the questions to build up a better avatar for your target audience.

Read posts and take notes: You will quickly notice that many people post about their problems in these groups, hoping someone can shed some light on things. You should be careful not to promote your solution in these cases, but make a note as to what everyone is looking for. This information can be invaluable when planning your own services.

Participate in threads: Become an active part of the groups you join. Gradually, people will start to notice your comments, and if you’re adding value, they will begin to see you as an expert in your industry. For example, if you post ideas for woodworking in a group on carpentry and frequently offer creative solutions, people will begin to look for you when they have questions.

Promote when allowed: Many Facebook groups allow you to promote your business on certain days or in certain group threads. Make sure you take advantage of these opportunities and present the members of the group with an offer they’ll love. It’s a great way to increase email subscribers or to gain clients.

Facebook groups aren’t the first place most people look when they’re planning on promoting their business, but if you’re already on the site, it makes sense. With a well-thought-out plan, you can easily interact in groups with just a few minutes of your time each day.


Facebook is an integral part of online marketing for small biz, so learn to put it to good use. Take advantage of the many options for marketing that the site provides and watch your business grow.