Simple Ways to Use Instagram More Effectively

There’s no doubt that Instagram is quickly rising in the world of internet marketing and rapidly becoming a must-have for marketers. Unfortunately, not all companies are fully taking advantage of the usefulness of this platform. If you’re one of them, it’s time to make full use of the social media site for lead generation and online marketing for small businesses.

Update Your Profile

If anyone is intrigued by an image you’ve posted, they’ll click through to your profile page. While the main focus of Instagram is on the images, it’s also important to let visitors know who you are. Instagram doesn’t allow for much in the way of a profile, but you can write a short description of your business. Keep it light and fun and don’t be afraid to throw in an emoji or two.

Showcase Customers Using Your Products

Ask your customers to post pictures with your company hashtag when using your product. This is a quick and easy way to get other people to create content for you, but it’s also excellent social proof. Share the images to add more content and social proof to your own page.

Reward Your Followers

Try giving your followers a shout out now and then, or provide them with a discount code or coupon for your products. The idea here is to make them happy customers who will tend to talk about your company–and that’s always a good thing.

Create a Contest

Contests are popular on Instagram and will immediately draw more attention to your brand. Ideally, your contest will require participants to use your hashtag when they post a certain type of image. For example, if you sell baby clothes, you could have people post a photo of their baby having fun. A car repair company could ask for images of your dream car. Get creative and people will be interested in participating, especially if the prize is worth it.

Use Widgets

A very simple way to boost your Instagram followers is to use a widget on your website that will showcase your latest posts on Instagram. Website visitors can start following your feed right from your site, boosting those numbers.

Share Your Photos

Don’t leave all those fantastic images on Instagram . . . share them to Twitter and Facebook. The more social media sites you share on, the more eyes are on your business. It also saves you time, since you can literally click and share, without worrying about writing unique descriptions or coming up with plenty of new, original content. Since people will usually follow you on one platform or another, you can share the same posts and increase your reach.

Interact with Followers

It’s easy to post images to Instagram and then go on about your day. After all, you run a business and have a lot of work to do. Since Instagram is a social media site, however, it really works best when you spend some time interacting. This can include liking other people’s posts, following new people, and it should always involve responding to comments on your own posts. When a company interacts well, people respect it more and feel that there is a real person behind the brand.

Be Real

Grab shots of your employees working, take selfies around the workplace, and post images of your customers using their products, rather than only posting perfect show photos of your products. While people do love to see your products, they also like to see the human faces behind the business. This makes it more personable, and they are more likely to buy from you.

Instagram can be an amazing marketing tool if you let it be. There’s no need to spend hours every day on the site, but being smart about how you use it can dramatically boost sales and brand visibility. Instagram should definitely be high on the list of priorities when it comes to online marketing for small businesses. Need some inspiration? Follow me  on Instagram.

Understanding Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags. They’re the most misused and poorly understood marketing tool on social media, but if you know what you’re doing, they can also be the ticket to small business sales.

If you’ve been marketing on Instagram, you have likely been using hashtags. Unfortunately, the vast majority of marketers don’t use this powerful tool correctly. They destroy most of their hard work by using too many, too few, or the wrong hashtags.

It’s time to learn to use them properly.

Why Hashtags Matter

Hashtags are similar to keywords, making it easier to find specific types of posts on the network. Instagram allows you to click on a hashtag, which then takes you to a page where all the posts with that tag are listed. In the past, these were chronological, below a handful of the top posts, but now the site shows you what is supposed to be most relevant.

Using hashtags lets people find your posts even if they’ve never heard of you, and the more likes you get on a post, the more likely it is to show up in the hashtag feed.

Tips for Using Instagram Hashtags to Boost Traffic

One way to learn to use Instagram effectively is to just go ahead and test different ideas yourself. That can take a while, though, and you’re much better off getting a headstart with these easy tips.

Use 11 or More Hashtags

While the limit of hashtags you can use on one post is 30, most people agree that this is pretty spammy looking. However, extensive testing has shown that adding at least 11 hashtags actually gets you better engagement. Keep those numbers up.

Forget the Hottest Tags

It’s easy to add popular hashtags to your description, but it’s actually a terrible practice. If you are using #cute or #awesome, your traffic probably won’t increase at all. The reason for this is that everyone under the sun is using the same tag, and your post will disappear in a tsunami of #cool posts in a split second, making them all but useless.

Make Your Own Hashtag

Creating your very own hashtag that uses your company or even your niche is a great way to boost visibility. Just make sure you check that it’s not already being used and then come up with your own. As time goes on, you’ll notice other people start using it, as well, but when someone clicks on that tag, they’ll be led to a feed that is almost exclusively yours.

Find Better Hashtags

What makes a good hashtag? It should be something that doesn’t have so much competition that it simply vanishes in seconds. Instead, make sure your posts will show up in that tag’s feed for at least 15 minutes, if not longer. Ideally, you should have a mix of semi-popular tags (those with a million tags) and less popular ones (with a few thousand tags), so that your images are always in a feed somewhere.

Stay Relevant

Don’t use random hashtags to pick up traffic. Even if it gets your post views, they won’t be your target audience. It’s far better to get less traffic, but higher quality, so stick to hashtags that work for your brand.

Don’t Add Tags Later

There are two acceptable methods of adding tags to your post . . . putting them in the caption of the photo or adding them in a comment after you publish. Keep in mind that it’s best to put them in the caption. It used to be common to go back and edit your photo caption and change the tags up to get more views, but this no longer works and is a waste of time. Instead, focus on producing new images that will skyrocket to the popular images’ feed.

Check Your Favorite Hashtag Feeds

Make sure you click on your own hashtags sometimes to see what is going on in those feeds. This can help you stay on top of things and adjust your strategy if needed. In some cases, a perfectly good tag can end up being used by spammers, turning the feed into something you really don’t want to be associated with.


Instagram is great for marketing and boosting small business sales by increasing traffic, but it does have a learning curve. Using hashtags will help you build your audience faster, as long as you do it the right way.

Use Instagram to Build Your Business

People use Instagram all time – and successfully – to boost their business.  They claim it’s simple to use and it works well for them. How about you? Have you used Instagram to get more mileage out of your promotions?  Let’s take a look at it and see if this might fit into your plans.

First, Set Up Your Profile

These details are important – your business launch on Instagram depends on how you set up your profile.  Remember to focus on your business, so for the photo for your profile, use your company logo so your brand becomes recognizable.  Make the account name and your username the same as your business name. When you are typing in your username, remember not to use any spaces. As for the website on your profile?  Make that a link to your business website or to a promotion that you are offering. Once you have your profile set up, then you can get started with your campaign.

Next, Focus on Your Customers

You could easily get overwhelmed by the numbers of it all:  millions of people could be your next customers. Is that realistic?  No. You want to capture your segment of the market – those who are interested in your product or service.  Find some of your best customers and highlight them (with their permission, of course). Ask for testimonials or pictures or even videos.  Click on posts and “like” them. Use hashtags to find relevant followers and businesses. Hashtags? Use the #-sign and then a word to follow.  For instance, if you have a local airport, you might use #airport or #airplanes or #maps to find segments of the Instagram population that would be interested in what you are offering.  All you need is a faithful following, so keep the numbers small and cozy. Too many would be too much, and you would lose your niche market.

Then, Focus on You

Hours can be spent answering comments and questions, surveying the online aisles of Instagram, peeking in here, looking over there.  Be mindful of your time. Budget yourself to an hour each day at the most. Be sure that your site is dynamic so that return customers see something new.  You might want to make it easier on yourself. Instead of crafting your own promotions, look into Instagram Ads.  It might be money well-spent if online experts use what they know to have your ads pop up for those in your target market. 

Be sure to focus on your business and the purpose of your Instagram campaign.  What is your goal? Are you just giving this social selling a try? Are you trying to promote your brand and get the word out?  Do you have some specific photographs about your product or service that you want others to see? Make sure that once your goal is set, everything you post on your site is linked with that.  

You can certainly get the word out.  Tell stories about your business and emphasize those with quotations and pictures of your customers.  Show off your products – let others know what they are and what they can do for them. Get in touch with others in the industry and respond to their site, making Instagram friends out there with people who might mention your business in their comments.  It all works together and by trying to use this marketing tool, you will be joining others who work it.

There’s more to be learned about using Instagram and other social media venues to get the word out about your business. Want to know more?  Get started with The Six Figure Mentors today and check out our marketing guide, SF Attraction Marketing, to launch your business online.

Networking Works for You

Interacting with others and sharing concepts and perspectives can infuse your ideas with power and light.  How? Networking can help you uncover NEW ideas. That doesn’t mean that you are just learning from others.  You are also learning from yourself. Ideas make connections. One idea sparks another which sparks another – and somehow several minds can come up with a whole new outlook.  When you add the element of having a common interest – your business or profession – you can cultivate new ideas and develop productive relationships with others. How can you make networking work for you?  Let’s look at some of those ways.

Talk to Others

We all have a circle of friends and family.  We know each other well, and we’re comfortable with the give-and-take of these relationships.  That’s not enough. To come up with new ideas, it’s essential to connect with new people. How do you meet these folks?  Visit local business clubs or professional organizations. Travel to conventions which focus on your business or profession.  Join groups online to banter about current concerns and effective strategies. Go to a workshop or take a class at the local community college.  Expand your social circles and learn more about what others know about. Ask for business cards for future contact. Make networking work FOR you.

Talk to Yourself

As odd as it may seem, once you’ve networked with others, it’s best to spend time sorting through the details by yourself.  Jot down notes about the points that were made. Consider making changes to your usual way of doing things. Write down a checklist of action items for you to consider.  Make a list of questions you have. Do all of this fancy footwork as a solo act. Once your pen runs dry, look over your notes and get in touch with someone you recently met.  Plan on getting together for lunch, so that you can discuss what you’ve learned along the way. Make networking work IN you.

Talk to Newcomers

Once you’ve put these ideas into place, share them with others.  Those new to the scene are eager to learn from more seasoned folks.  Choose one of those to mentor, sharing your ideas and explaining your rationale.  Seek out other venues where business-minded folks meet. Be friendly, shake a lot of hands, and smile.  Push away any hesitations you have and reach out. Call the local high schools that offer business classes and let them know you are available to talk to a class about running a business.  Express yourself and share your experience and expertise. Make networking work BEYOND you. 

There’s always something new to learn about business.  Networking is like getting a walk-around MBA. By learning from others, you can add some spark to your own ventures.  If you want to turbo-charge your business, come join all of the friendly folks here at Online Sales Pro.  We’ll show you how you can network with new online customers and build your business with digital marketing.  Join our Facebook group and network with others who are putting OSP to work for them. Connections made. Bottom line improved.  Make networking work AROUND you.  We can tell you:  there’s nothing like it!

From Lead to Lead: Building a List

Do you get the sense that you are going around in circles trying to find leads?  You’ve got all sorts of ideas about how to market your product or service. All you need now to make it work is to find the right people!  Building a customer base is essential for a business to succeed, so let’s take a look at how you can get more leads.

WHO Are They?

The right people – your potential customers – need to be described. Think of your product or service and then picture the ideal customer for it.  That’s who you want to meet and greet.

Sure, it’s nice to welcome other people to your website and introduce what you sell to them, but if they are not the ones who will reach for their wallets, then it’s a waste of your time and energy.  Once you know WHO, then you are ready for HOW.

HOW Do You Connect With These Folks?

Get out there.  Talk to people. If you are catering to a local market, join clubs, make business cards, get yourself known.  Make business cards to share with local folks with your opt-in link printed on them to let them know how to reach you.  If you are seeking online traffic, join Facebook Groups and make comments. Include your opt-in link in your signature when you post comments on Facebook. 

Post links to blogs – and if you don’t feel comfortable as a wordsmith, hire someone to write them for you. Focus on all sorts of topics in your informative and interesting blogs and then provide your link at the very end of it.  Just remember the 80/20 rule – 80% information, 20% sales. Let people get to know and trust you, and then you can tell them about your business. Give these folks a way to connect with you and your business. Once you know HOW, then you are ready for WHERE.

WHERE Do You Send Them?

Your opt-in form will capture their essential contact information – name, email address, and phone number (if you need that).  Once they click on that link to send their information to you, they’ve become a lead. The opt-in page sends them to your sales page so that they can learn more about your business and what it has to offer. 

Make sure that your sales page looks spiffy. Provide the details and benefits of your product and service. Give them a link to make the purchase. Remember that your website needs to be an active “showroom.”  Spruce it up with color and graphics and fun things to look at. Plus, put different links on it so people can tell you that they are interested. Give something away – a coupon or a short eBook on tips or a ticket to a special sales event.  Encourage comments from your customers. Once you know WHERE, then you are ready for WHAT.

WHAT Do They Want or Need?

As for your sales page, that’s where you advertise your product or service and turn leads into customers.  What is it about what you are selling that has instant appeal? Focus on those elements. What do others say about your product or service?  What features do you like best about what you sell?

Now think of some colorful ways to describe those and don’t just use words. The eyes have it when it comes to online marketing, so be sure to capture all of this in graphics – photographs, drawings, and videos, too. Include the most stellar comments from satisfied customers.

Not too long ago, you had to market your business one person at a time.  How arduous! How time-consuming! Now you can reach many with little effort.  In fact, you can automate your online marketing with our tool – Online Sales Pro.  With this tool, you can send broadcast messages to your list, updating your customers with anything new or information about a sales event. 

You can also send leads a follow-up series of messages, letting them know more about your product or service in each one. Space them out every couple of days to pique their interest.  As for us here at Online Sales Pro. We’re here to help you connect with your leads and to build your list. And know this – we’re always glad to help!   

Your Choice: Gratitude is an Attitude

In the U.S., we assign one day specifically for gratitude.  And what do they serve us at dinner? Turkey! Some people may be grateful for that, but others might prefer another dish.  No matter – but that is really the essence of gratitude. It’s a choice. People choose to be happy . . . or not. Let’s take a look at this attitude of gratitude and see what fits.

Gratitude for Me

How happy are you with your own personal details?  Too often we have an internal voice yammering and complaining about this or that.  If only my hair would stay glued on. If only my legs looked like I ran marathons. If only my car were a brand new sports car.  If only there were no weeds in my yard. And on and on it goes. Quick! Make a list. Write down 10 things about yourself that you are grateful for.  Need help? Ask someone who loves you. Do that right before you ask for more mashed potatoes and gravy.

Gratitude for You

You’ve got people in your inner circle.  They are often the ones who see the worst of you while trying to focus on the best of you.  What do we do in return? Since we spend so much time with these folks, after awhile, we may start stewing.  She drives me crazy when she [fill in the blank]. Why in the world can’t he [fill in the blank]. It doesn’t matter who she or he might be – sister, son, brother, daughter, mother, father, or spouse or other.  Too much can be too much! Quick! Make a list! Write down 10 things about them that you are grateful for. Need help? Ask them. They’ll know exactly what could be on that list. Do that right before you ask for more cranberry relish.

Gratitude for All the Rest of It

Your life has many more details.  Sometimes we compare those with the details other people have.  Guess what? Things may look hunky-dory with our colleagues, neighbors, and friends – but we don’t know the whole story.  Sure – maybe their house is bigger, their salary is larger, their car is faster – but the monthly payment they make on their credit card might be four times what you pay.  Everyone has something that isn’t quite right. Something they’d trade with you in a heartbeat. You guessed it. Quick! Make a list. Write down 10 things about your life’s details that you are grateful for.  Need help? Open your eyes. Look around. Do that right before you ask for another slice of pumpkin pie.  

Gratitude really is just an attitude.  Here are some things all of us at Online Sales Pro are grateful for.  We love what we do. We love working with each other. And we love working with our customers.  Talk about an attitude of gratitude. We wish the same for you and the folks in your inner circle.  Take this one day to be grateful and look around – whether you eat turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, or not.  Reflect on your life and see it sunny-side-up. 

And while you’re at it – if you’d be even more grateful if business were better, give digital marketing with Online Sales Pro a try.  More than 78,000 folks have done that – and primed their own economy.  Nothing like success to boost the attitude of gratitude!

Being Mindful

People talk about being mindful as an ideal state of consciousness.  What is it? Those in the know call it the basic ability we all have to live in the present tense.  To be aware of where we are and what we’re doing. To be in the moment with a mild approach to the details – not overreacting or perhaps not reacting at all.  Because of that, this practice sounds like it would also be good for business, so let’s find out more about it.

What is the Goal of Mindfulness?

Our waking hours place us right in the thick of our world.  Mindfulness allows us time to regroup, to steer clear of the angst and anxiety of daily life, and to connect with what is around us.  Evidence shows that the benefits of practicing mindfulness can help with stress, pain, depression, insomnia, and high blood pressure. We take a break from those thoughts which drain us:  the bombardment of plans, problems, and negative thoughts which create chaotic mental cycles. Mindfulness helps us observe our thoughts and feelings without judgment, directing our attention to other things.  It might be as simple as following the path of a dandelion’s wispy seeds that allows us to marvel in the moment.

Focusing on what is outside of us instead of the thoughts and feelings rushing around inside us can help us to improve our attention span and our ability to relax.  Most importantly, it allows the mind time to relax, to spend what may seem like an idle moment, but one that rests and recuperates our state of being.

How Does One Tune into Mindfulness?

First of all, make time for it.  Without time and space, other events will crowd out the practice of mindfulness.  Stop time and focus on letting go of your focus. Pay attention. Observe. Take deep and measured breaths.

Take note of any thoughts that contain judgment.  You can always return to those after your mindfulness session.  Your mind may wander to thoughts that surface. That’s normal. Don’t react to those or even to the fact that your mind is wandering.  Instead, coax your thoughts back to the present moment. Just pause and breathe. Once your perspective has been refreshed and your thinking renewed, lift up your gaze to end the session.

Practice mindfulness whenever you have a chance to pause.  Perhaps you have just completed a phone call. Before you go on to the next task on your checklist, just stop and allow your senses to make you aware of what is around you and what is going on inside you.  Take the pulse of how you are feeling right then and there and acknowledge that. Practice mindfulness on a daily basis for the maximum benefit.

Are There Any Mindfulness Exercises to Practice?

The list may seem simple.  Pay attention.  When you are having a meal, use all five senses to experience a bite.  Accept yourself.  Talk to yourself as you would a close friend.  Focus on what you do well rather than where improvement is needed.  Focus on your breathing. Take deep refreshing breaths.  Pay attention to the rhythm of your body.  Use any of these three techniques when a negative thought has your mind’s microphone.  Chase it away with a minute of mindfulness.

For longer sessions, here are a few that will help you slip out of the monkey-mindedness of the moment and relax you into a better presence of mind.  Total Body Relaxation.  Elevate your focus on each part of your body starting with your toes and moving up to the top of your head.  Consciously relax any tight muscles you find along the way. Guided Meditation.  Videos found online will soften your circumstances with calming photography or soothing sound.  Start with a 10-minute meditation and move toward 30 or more minutes.  Ambulatory Session.  Walk through a nearby park or woods and use all five senses to experience your surroundings.  Or keep a consistent pace while taking the turns through a local labyrinth. When stray thoughts disturb your meditation, take note and refocus.

Being mindful gets us in better touch with ourselves and what is around us.  We’ve got software that will get you in better touch with your business and everything associated with it.  Online Sales Pro offers a mindful way to boost your business to the next level.  Check out this complete system that helps you be mindful of your leads, inbound marketing, and sales.  Using Online Sales Pro and all that it offers will exercise mindfulness for your digital marketing business!

What’s the Big Deal about CRM Software?

Your work is dramatically increased when your business grows if you are trying to manage all of the details manually.  Think of the important stats about your customers you need quick access to – their contact information, their interests, their status, and other details.  Managing all of that data could become a full-time job on its own!

So, is that what needs to be done?  To hire a full-time person to take care of all of that?  Sort of. It’s not a person, though – it’s CRM software. Customer Relationship Management. So how will it work for you?  Let’s use the life cycle of the whale as a way of showing how CRM software can become a big deal for your business.

The Baby Stage: First Encounter

With most species of whales, the calf doesn’t make an appearance for a year and more.   As you can imagine, much needs to be done in quick fashion upon its arrival. Same thing goes with potential customers. Once they have announced – Hey, I’m here! – it’s essential to welcome them soon after.  Studies emphasize this: customers who are left in the lurch without timely contact will often wander away.  And it doesn’t take much time before they’ll do that!  

CRM software tells you exactly when customers sign up, and in fact, some will start a series of nudges reminding you to get in touch.  That’s right. You’ll receive push notifications alerting you first that you’ve got a lead, and then the potential customer can be sent one of several Quick Replies that are provided for you.

The Adolescent Stage:  Learning the Ropes

The whale at birth is roughly a third to a fourth as long as Mama and stays close by for a year and more.  After weaned, the calf may be free to go and explore but is not considered to be fully mature for 6 to 13 years.  For whales to live as long as the average life expectancy, this stage is crucial for survival by learning all the facts of life.

The same is true with your customers.  After information is initially gleaned with their opt-in, this data is added to your CRM’s database – these are the facts about the lead.  That may include name, email, phone number, and more – depending on how detailed your web page or funnel is. Gone are the days of scribbling a name or phone number on a napkin or other scrap of paper.  The CRM software will keep track of all the information for you and not lose any of the details.

Also, the software keeps track of the time and date the customer submitted the opt-in form.  Your CRM virtual assistant does not stop there. Your response is also filed away. How soon after opt-in was contact made – and how?  By email? By text? By phone? You can also log in the customer’s response, too. The best response, of course, is Cha-Ching! Purchase made.

The Adult Stage:  Staying Alive

The average whale can enjoy life in the ocean anywhere from 30 to 70 years. Depending on wise decisions, a whale can steer clear of danger and also know where the food is plentiful.  So much goes into survival for the adult whale.

Likewise, you want your customers to have longevity, too, and to be loyal to your product or service.  The initial contact by the customer is when life begins, but the rest is up to you – and your team, if you have one.

Guess what?  We have just the software for you that will help you and your team stay on the satisfied side of customer support!  Online Sales Pro, a leading-edge digital marketing software, sends out push notifications as soon as you get a new lead.  Better yet, OSP is a smart phone and web app so you can manage all of this from the palm of your hand.   

Using a CRM allows you to provide leading-edge service to your customers.   Click on this link to see how OSP can take your digital marketing to the next level.  Give it a try and use this simple CRM and mobile app to do all the grunt work for you!  With the time saved, you’ll be able to do other things….

Stay Calm

We all deal with challenges, misadventures, and backfires in our walk through life.  Sometimes the stress and strain of it all can veer us off course, so that we say and do things that would be better not said and done.  In order to think beyond the details of life, some suggest meditation as a way to quiet the mind. Once considered as only a practice for yogis and religious leaders, meditation has become a popular way to engage in reflection and contemplation.  Let’s take a closer look at the use of concentrated focus to achieve mental clarity and emotional balance.


Seldom do we sit and just BE.  We are called human BEINGS, but with the rat-race and frenzy of today’s world, perhaps we should be called human DOINGS.  While it is true that our body and mind rest and recuperate when we sleep, it’s just as important to recharge one’s mind when we are awake.  During meditation, focus is shifted from external to internal so that one may only be somewhat aware of what is around him or her and more in tune with what is going on inside.

Meditation is certainly an ancient technique. Some report that the practice began in India – with wall art dating back to 5000 BCE depicting people in lotus-like positions with their eyes half-closed.  Written records go back as far as 1500 BCE. Back in 500 BCE, Buddha’s teachings described meditation as we know it today.


The surroundings need to be quiet and peaceful so that an individual can focus on transforming the mind, overturning negative thoughts, removing anxiety and stress, and becoming mentally and emotionally clear.  It’s not normally recommended that one sit on top of the roof of a high rise as the preferred location, but distractions and interruptions ought to be at a minimum.

For those who are inspired by sound, they may listen to gentle instrumental music or ambient background sounds.  For those who are more visual, finding a video to view during the session for a guided meditation with inspirational photographs can be relaxing. 


Deep meditation affects the brain in nine key brain areas.  So what are the results? Some people who practice it indicate that they have less stress in their lives and more success and happiness.  Others claim to sleep better, and when they are awake, they think more deeply and remember more. Some even claim that meditation increases IQ points.  Those who meditate tend to look younger and live longer. Even weight loss has been attributed to the practice of meditation.

This practice can be tailored to each person so that one looks forward to a daily pause to reflect and refresh.  By taking the time to chill in such a way, we can get to know our own mind. This ancient practice is used to train the mind, similar to how exercise is used to train the body.  That doesn’t mean that meditation will change us to become a different person or a new person or even a better person. Instead, it’s a way for us to become more calm and mindful and to focus on the links between our brain with our mind and body and behavior. 

Meditation helps to take the stress and strain out of daily living.  We’ve got a way to take the stress and strain out of running an online business.  Check out this complete system that’s intuitive, elegant, and loaded with features that help you get leads, inbound marketing, and sales. The Six Figure Mentors helps to build your business in a cool, calm, and relaxing way.  As a business owner, SFM will help you keep cool, calm, and relaxed!

Current Info

We all base our decisions on information we have on hand.  What if that information is not current? We could make some wrong turns with our business if the information we have is ROT – Redundant, Out-of-date, or Trivial.  Of the three, the one that is the most detrimental to wise decision-making is when information is out-of-date. How can we find the most current information, especially when our search is on the Internet?

Check the Date

How often do you go through your fridge or cupboard to check expiration dates on products?  We’ve probably all been guilty – at least once – of eating something that had gone beyond usefulness only for us to end up with a sour tummy.  That may also be the case online. We do a quick search using the Internet to verify a point, only later to discover that 77% of the companies out there have “expired” information on their sites.

The proof of currency on a website is often in teeny-tiny print at the bottom of the page, so be sure to check that.  Put on a Journalist’s Beret and make a serious search to uncover the most relevant and up-to-date information. Most of the time, we are not interested in history when it comes to finding information – so seek currency first.

Check the Source

Not all sources are created equal.  If you type some keywords about a topic of interest, the first sources are often commercial ventures.  In other words, they want to sell you something. Should you just be looking for facts, dig down through the layers and pay closer attention to those sites which end in .org or .gov rather than .com.  Not to say that sales ventures are anchored in duplicity or the stretching of facts. Not so at all.

But if you want just the cold, hard facts, get out the Inspector’s Magnifying Glass and get as close to the source as possible.  Most of the time, we are not interested in a purchase when it comes to finding information – so seek details first.

Check the Rationale

Perhaps the easier check is your rationale.  Why do you need this information? Is it a simple search just to win an argument – or do you need an in-depth discussion of the pros and cons of a topic?  The answer will determine the depth and breadth of your search for an answer.

Now for the more complicated rationale:  why is this information available to you in the form its in?  Determine who it would be benefitting and why. Rationale is carefully linked with what information is included and what is not.  Rationale also reveals the bias of the presenter. No matter the site, there’s always some sort of bias. Put on a Judge’s Robes to determine the motive.  Most of the time, we so easily believe what we read when it comes to finding information – so seek accuracy first.

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