I’ve Got a Secret!

There’s nothing more contagious than a secret!  We all want to hear it. We want to see if it’s something we already know or if it’s some new intriguing detail!  And of course, as soon as someone says, “Don’t tell anyone!” — there are very few people who can resist. Now there’s a strategy for your business.  Sometimes in order to get the word out, you need to be hush-hush about it. Or maybe not.  Let’s find out which way works with you.

Being Hush-Hush

You want to get the word out, but you know that soon a new product will be introduced.  You still want customers to purchase what you are marketing now, but you also want your seasoned ones to be the first to know.  Basically, you’re stuck in the middle, not knowing which approach to take. Continue to market your current inventory, but add a teaser to your campaigns about what *might* be up ahead.  Tell them you’ll reveal the details as they are revealed to you. Slowly unfolding what’s up ahead will generate excitement, like each piece in a jigsaw puzzle. It’s not until all the pieces are in place that they will see how it all fits together.  Psst! You whisper. We’re working on the changes you’ve been asking about – so thanks for the feedback. A piece at a time…it’s almost like a whisper.

Being Viral

Want to catch their attention with a big splash?  Go viral. Show them something your customers will want to share with everyone they know.  How do you do it? You invest everything in the front end, hoping that it really DOES go viral. Be clever.  Perhaps it’ll be a crazy video. Think of the ones you’ve shared with family and friends before. Google “viral videos” and you’ll get a flavor of what actually does get passed all around.  Like the video where the man is giving CPR to a squirrel. Some are about animals; others are about people. Should you create a video, put it on YouTube to get the best coverage. Best not to make this your only marketing campaign, though, in case your video does not go very viral at all.

Whether you decide to be hush-hush or to rush-rush information out there about your business, the key is to let people know.  Highlight the features; focus on the functions – let others speak for you in testimonials – and use every platform there is. Try something new so that you can reach a different audience.  Tell them who you are and what you do and why they need exactly what you are selling.

Want to see some specific examples?  We’ve got just the marketing guide for you!  Free Traffic Foundations.  See ten different methods from viral blogging to social media groups.  How do you get a copy? Come join us at The Six Figure Mentors and learn all about marketing tactics that will help you get the word out there!  Don’t tell! It’ll be our little secret….

You’re It!

What happened when you read the title of this blog? Were you thinking of a poor cow who may be next in line for our next steak dinner? Probably not! All we really want titles or subject lines to do is to get your attention. Perhaps the cow didn’t think much of the title, but there was a bit of a snicker for the rest of us and that caught your eye. Whether sending emails to colleagues, business associates, or potential customers, how can you have more fun in your email interactions with them? Let’s take a look at the elements of a successful email and see how we can spin a little more fun when crafting these.

Subject Lines

The recipients of your email will see this first thing. If the subject line does not get their attention right away, the message could very well end up in the trash. Be creative here. Have fun. Weave in humor if appropriate. Be clever – use puns and analogies. Ask questions. Make confessions. Huh? Matt Bacak, online marketing sales guru, said he got all sorts of clicks with this one: “Friend, sorry we goofed.” Remember that your subject line opens the door for the recipients, welcoming them into the message. 
Tip #1: Open the door to your email.


Get right to the point. That’s what journalists will tell you. They pack the entire content of their article in the first paragraph. Each line indicates what each paragraph will contain – just in case someone doesn’t read beyond that. Don’t think in conventional paragraphs, though. Space out the content with just one, two, or three sentences. Make it easy to scan. And here’s the key to the door: repeat yourself a time or two. If you have links to your sales page, have one at the start of your message and one at the end. Matt Bacak tells us to create messages that are honest and convincing. Those receiving his emails learn why he uses the product or service. As for fun? Add a emoji to your opener to accent a friendly comment at the start. Or go to Giphy.com and find a funny one to include in the body to emphasize a point. The key? Connect at the start and keep them reading until the close. 
Tip #2: Use the key in the door to make a sale.

The Close

If you haven’t convinced them of your message at this point, then you’ll need to pack much into your closing paragraph. Remember to insert the link to your sales page and to emphasize your key point. This is where you insert your call-to-action: What are you going to do for the person? What is the recipient’s next step? Emphasize the main features and benefits of your product or service in a sentence or two. For fun, insert a warm and friendly line so that they feel a connection with you, even if they have not met you. Matt Bacak includes his photograph as part of his signature. He’s discovered that this helps others connect since they can see you. Be sure to add your contact information. You want that person to know how to get in touch with you. 
Tip #3: So the door doesn’t close, be sure it’s left open with a strong but simple close.

A light-hearted spirit can make an email message a pleasure to read. When you are crafting one, think of these elements one at a time to create a message that gets the point across but doesn’t take the content too seriously. When you are trying to be persuasive, a clever sense of humor can actually encourage the sale. Read some of the messages sent out from The Six Figure Mentors. Those are crafted with a distinct purpose in mind, but fashioned in a way that the email will be clicked on rather than deleted. Learn how to write with a sense of fun engaged. And if you’d like to take a more serious look at WHAT ME CAN OFFER – go ahead and take a peek. We’ve got tools and resources that will take you way beyond your first sale.

Battery Recharge

A fancy-schmancy Tesla car may have a charging station, but there’s not one for us when our battery is on low.  How do we get tapped and sapped? When we try to do too much of anything, those high levels deplete our power source.  Let’s see what Mr. Lego says are the common activities that trigger the need for a recharge. His research goes beyond the levels you may expect – work, worry, and money woes.  You may be surprised by his findings.

Too Much Fun

How could that be?  Just think of how tired you are when you get back from a vacation.  Ironically, as normal human beings, we get energized by doing something productive, something useful.  Even though when we are hard at work, lounging around by the pool may sound ideal, but actually, too much heaven can turn into a little bit of hell.  Earn your vacation by clocking in and out on the job, and you’ll feel refreshed by the break in your pace and routine. Too much fun is too much.  Treasure your time off.

Too Much Sleep

Thankfully these bodies of ours are renewable with a night’s worth of sleep, but can we actually get too much sleep?  Yes. First of all, how much sleep you need depends on your age and your activity level. The medical professionals say that the right amount for adults is between 7 and 9 hours each night. More sleep than that might be triggered by depression or some undetected disease, but here’s the catch:  too much sleep might lead to diabetes, heart disease, and an increased risk of death. Gulp! Too much sleep is too much. Get up when the alarm clock rings.

Too Much Money

Now you’re thinking that Mr. Lego is just a piece of plastic.  How could this be? If you made a boatload of money overnight – let’s say you won the multi-million dollar jackpot at a Las Vegas casino – you’ll be getting calls from folks who you didn’t realize were related to you.  You might even feel guilty about having more money than those you know. Having a 7-or-8-digit bank balance can actually diminish your goals and ambitions. You are already there. Plus, you sadly realize that money doesn’t solve every problem:  the rich still deal with bad days. Cynicism can set in when you suspect that new friends may just love your money. Too much money is too much. Enjoy what you have and save a chunk of it.

Mr. Lego’s research may make us stop and think.  Is there anything that you do too much or have too much of?  Moderation may sound like word that inspires a “Ho-hum!” but that may lead to more happiness.  Learn what does recharge your battery, and if it’s not illegal, immoral, or fattening, then tap into that energy source.

If your business is lagging and that needs recharging, we’ve got a power source for you. The Six Figure Mentors is the official battery for lead generation.  And let’s face it, more leads can get you more sales.  And you can never have too many of those, right? Unless it leads to too much money. 

That’s It. I quit!

Okay.  So maybe you lost your cool.  Some days are just so frustrating that you may just want to quit.  It seems as though the farther you think you’re ahead, the more behind you really are. How can you pull yourself out of this rut, so you don’t quit?  Instead of saying something you can’t erase or doing something you’ll later regret, let’s find some quick fixes for a bad mood and gloomy perspective.

Take a Belly Breath

We don’t tend to breathe very deeply.  By taking a moment to take a deep breath from your abdomen rather than from your chest, you can relax and release tension.  It’s as simple as sitting in a chair with your knees bent. Place one hand on your chest and the other one on your belly. Breathe in through your nose until your stomach expands, moving your hand with it.  The hand on your chest should not move much at all. Now breathe out through your mouth with your lips like they want to whistle. The hand on your chest still should not move much. That’s all there is to it.  Take it nice and slowly, breathing deeply. Do this 5 to 10 times.  Use your breath to say something that works better.

Take a Walk

After your breathing exercise is done, get up.  Sometimes just getting out of wherever you work, you can see things with a different perspective.  Moving around helps, because let’s face it – sometimes we spend way too much time sitting. Walk briskly so that your heart works a little more.  Look around and get your mind off whatever triggered your mood. Allow your breath to quicken, helping things along by breathing more deeply. You’ll be surprised, but just a 10-minute walk can improve your way of thinking.  Use your feet to take you to the right path.

Take a Look

Now that you’ve refreshed yourself with some breathing and walking, it’s time to start a list.  On one side of the list, write down what you’ve accomplished, what has gone well. On the other side of the list, write down what needs more work and how that can be tackled.  Sketch out any roadblocks you might find in your way. Figure out solutions to any of the problems. Write briefly, since this list is for your eyes only and you know the rest of the details.  Check-mark the one solution you will tackle first. Give yourself a timeline and start working on this right away.  Use your list to take the emotion out of reflection.

We all have those days when we wish we hadn’t gotten out of bed.  One thing just leads to another until there’s a pretty sizable mess on our hands.  Using these tips, you can turn things around. Figure out what you can change on your own to make things better. 

If you want to make a change that you had not considered, take a look at The Six Figure Mentors for your marketing needs.  We have a lead generation tool that will turn your days around.  You can create a landing page in minutes and get rolling. No sense letting a bad mood get you down when we’ve got a great product to help you to do your work!  

Connecting with Others

It’s really what matters – and not just for business either. Connecting with those around us enriches our lives and makes a difference. Think about it. We have record highs of those who suffer loneliness and depression. Families live far apart. Sometimes friendships are merely words sent back and forth on a screen. Being right there in the moment with someone new can keep life interesting and exciting. Let’s look at three of the best ways to make that connection.

Be There

Where do you go during the day? When you are out and about, you might someone new. At the store. Down by the mailbox. At a social event. Approach people with a smile. Look at them in the eyes. Be interested. Start with a small comment. “What an interesting hat!” “Where did you get that hilarious t-shirt?” or “We sure have been having nice weather, eh?” Asking a question generally leads to an answer and maybe a question in return. If the person doesn’t seem to want to connect, move on. Look for people who interest you.

Take Care

The best way to care about someone, new or not, is to listen. Everyone’s got a story to share. Encourage the telling of it by nodding your head slightly, responding to the details, and most importantly, allowing the person to finish it. Too often people are not paying much attention. Instead, they are already planning their next comment. It’s almost like two running monologues with no connection between them! People really appreciate someone who seems truly interested and wants to hear more. Be that person if this connection interests you.

Do Share

Also tell your tale. Let others know more about you. Be authentic. Be yourself. Pay close attention to how the person is reacting to what you are saying. Watch for visual cues. Looking at you? Smiling? Asking follow-on questions? Know when it’s time to stop talking. Should you feel drawn, ask for something more. Swap phone numbers? A cup of coffee? Lunch together? Check to see if the connection is interest to him or her.

Most people crave these connections. Reaching out to people really does make a difference. Maybe one of those new people will become a friend or a customer. Even so, allow the bit of conversation and contact put some spark in your afternoon. By being friendly, you are passing it along. Connecting with others is another way of paying it forward, as they say.

Here’s what we say. We’re friendly folks at The Six Figure Mentors and are ready for any comments or questions you may have. We’ve got a way for those connections to remain current. Keep in touch with news you want to share with your customers. Let them know what is happening. And remember – those connections are what really matters.

Here’s How

Some potential customers may want more than product images and text to read. They want to see how it all works and hear more about it. Perhaps your business model doesn’t include an audience this large, but you may need to make sales calls and talk to people face-to-face. Feeling up to it? Since public speaking is one of the most common fears people have, let’s look at some tips that may help if it’s one of yours.


Nerves can be tightened when we’re not comfortable with what we are going to say – especially if we want to be convincing. To be sure of what you want to cover during your sales talk, create an outline of the important points about the features and functions of your product or service. Review what you want to say and consider carefully what this particular prospect wants or needs. Rehearse to remember those details and rehearse some more. You need not memorize what you will say, but know enough about the main points to speak comfortably. Right before your meeting, check in the mirror and smile. Do you look your best? Breathe in deeply and get ready to speak.


Make a light but short comment, something you share in common like the weather, to put you both at ease. Move right to the gist of your pitch after that so you cover the salient points right away. Think of your sales talk as an inverted pyramid, like a magazine article’s first paragraph. You want to pack the important details into the first minute or so. Slow your pace since you talk more quickly than you normally do. Glance at the person from time to time, punctuating main points with a gentle smile. Watch for visual cues so you can tell how things are going. Go into more details if the person seems interested in one of those. Wrap up, emphasizing the main points, working your way to a call-to-action for the sale. Then stop talking.


Wait for a bit to see if there are questions. Too often people new to sales don’t stop talking. In fact some rookies may pause briefly and then express the doubts and hesitations before the prospect does! Answer questions in a calm manner, not rushing your responses. Don’t talk beyond a satisfactory reply. Should your answer spark another question, just remember – questions indicate interest. Avoid overstaying your welcome, set on making the sale right then and there.

Now perhaps comes the most important part. If a decision to buy has not yet been reached, keep in touch. It’s not over until it is over. Say thanks for meeting with you in a quick text, call, or email. Let the person mull things over just long enough, and in a second message, include details about your product or service that were of interest to the prospect. Space out your contact a day or two. The person knows the details now, so these messages are just nudges to remind the prospect of those.

To some, this follow-up contact is the hardest part. Sales can be lost, though, if the effort is given up too easily. The Six Figure Mentors is the perfect way to keep in touch with your sales contacts. When coupled with your email service provider, messages can be scheduled and sent out one at a time to all of your prospects. Persuading others to become customers is no easy task. We’ve learned how, and we’d be glad to show you.

Picture’s Up!

Picture’s up! 1 – 2 – 3 – Action! Aside from ghastly home movies of yesteryear, creating a film took Hollywood’s directors, producers, actors, and more. Not any more! You can be the star yourself and create your own video! Why would you want to do that? Because your customers will love it! Best yet, you can do all of this with not much more than a smart phone! So let’s take a look at what you should think about before you cry out, “We’re ready to roll!”

Figure Out What You Want to Say

Some people can do improv and pull it off, making it look like they’ve been rehearsing this part for years . . . but most people cannot. Assume that you are in the latter category. Plan your script. You don’t need to write it out word-for-word – because there’s little that is worse than being read to. Instead, rough out an outline highlighting the main points you want to make. Maybe you’re showing your customers how to use the product. Figure out which tips and techniques are the most important, and focus on those. Your video will help your customers know what to do.

Figure Out What You Want to Do

Unless you have a director and a stage manager, you’ll need to do their work for them. Ask yourself some questions to get a grip on it. Are you going to show how to use the product right there in front of the camera? Are you going to explain a process and occasionally cut to a list of steps? Are you going to interview those who use your product so your newest customers can see and hear testimonials from seasoned users? Whatever you are going to do in your video, sketch it out so that you won’t need to say wearily, “Take 42.” Your video will help your customers know how to do it.

Figure Out Why You Want to Do It

You must have a purpose in mind or your video will slip into the wretched Home Movie category. Let’s be honest. Most all of us would rather watch a video than read a blurb, but even so, you want your reason for creating the video to become your customer’s reason for viewing it. Maybe folks have been confused about how to use a new feature that was just released. Perhaps you have exciting news about an upcoming conference, so details will be highlighted in your video. Whatever the reason, make sure that it justifies the time and effort that it will take to make a polished, streamlined video. Help your customer know why to do it.

Even if you are a rookie at both acting and filming, you might discover that you have a real knack for this. Act natural. Smile at the camera-phone. Explain things comfortably. If appropriate, allow your sense of humor to surface. Enjoy yourself along the way.

Here at The Six Figure Mentors, we know how effective videos can be, Our website has a number of training videos so that our customers can easily learn how to use our lead-generation and mobile CRM software platform. Here’s the best news of all. The Six Figure Mentors makes it easy for you to include your video in your opt-in page for potential customers. It’s super simple. Easy-peasy. It’s included in templates that are ready for our customers to use. So, go ahead – get out the microphone and the spotlight, and let’s let the camera roll.

Which Social Media Site Should You Focus On?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn . . . the list of social media sites is practically endless. Since you have limited time, you probably can’t do a great job of marketing on all of them, so you need to pick one or two to focus on. If your focus is lead generation or small business sales, you need to narrow it down to where your audience hangs out.

Each site has its own rather specific audience, which can help you narrow things down.


There’s little doubt that you need to be on Facebook. It caters to such a wide variety of people that your audience is nearly guaranteed to be there, if they’re in the 25-54 year old age group. With over 2 billion members, this site is the largest social network online and it has been around for a decade. That means it is well-established and its members tend to be pretty active, too, with almost 50% of them jumping on the site every day.

Facebook is not just a social media site. It’s also a search engine, and people use it to search far more than you might think. Get noticed here, and you’ll show up in Facebook searches all day long.


While Twitter has fewer users, it’s a good place to be if you actually want to actually connect with your followers. It’s considered a brand loyalty enhancer, where companies are followed by their loyal fans.

The average person on Twitter spends roughly 2.5 hours on the site daily and this is generally spread out throughout several sessions during the day. If you’re looking to connect with your potential clients in a more personal way, then Twitter is an excellent choice.


This social media site is definitely more professional-oriented, so it’s ideal if you are a business-to-business (B2B) company or if your market includes business professionals. There are more than 300 million users on LinkedIn, so it’s worth taking the time to get noticed on the site.

LinkedIn is often underutilized, but it is still very valuable for those in the B2B market. Just because others are ignoring the site doesn’t mean you should miss out on the opportunity.G


This image-based social media site has 500 million users, with more than half of those checking in daily. Instagram has made quite a few changes recently, which may make it more difficult to get noticed, but if you have a visually-appealing company, this is a good place to be.

The trick with Instagram is to use beautiful images and add hashtags to your captions. With these tips, along with plenty of interaction, you should see more clickthroughs on your posts.


Is your audience primarily female? If so, Pinterest could be a good place to start promoting your business. The site is also very image-oriented, but has been moving toward more and more text-based images. Nearly half the women online use Pinterest, and while there are men who use the platform, you’ll definitely have better chances if you’re targeting women.

Not only should you be on Pinterest, but make any images on your site pinnable, too. This can help increase the number of views and clickthroughs you get.


Video marketing is alive and well and nearly every industry can benefit from a few videos. The massive social media network integrates with Google and serves as a search engine, as well. Post videos that are relevant to your clients, and use your keywords in the title and description to show up in the YouTube searches. You can also include a link in the description to your site.


Online marketing for small biz has many facets, but social media is absolutely one of the more important parts of marketing your company. You don’t have to be active on every site, but you should have at least two that you focus on. If you find that there is more time later, you can expand your reach by using other networks, but start out with just two.

Success! Then What?

Imagine becoming a huge success in the business world!  Your idea takes off, and you have more money that you could fathom.  It’s happened to others. Some of them don’t plan for success. Perhaps you’ve heard the story of lottery winners whose sudden wealth eventually dwindles down to next-to-nothing.  How can one be successful after becoming successful? What is essential is to have a game plan in place once this house is yours. Let’s look at some ways to remain successful after you’ve arrived.

Remember Who You Are

Sometimes success changes more than the circumstances do.  Having more might make some think less of others. Success can make someone appear snobbish and arrogant when they take themselves too seriously.  Just imagine how that must be for friends and family. It’s important that success does not go to one’s head, and that the people remain who they are.  Some of the wealthiest folks in this country drive used cars and live simply, not flaunting their net worth. Stay in tune with who you are and what really matters.

Remember What You Do

Some who become successful almost freeze at that point.  They enjoy the recognition and the rewards of their accomplishments, but then they become complacent.  They might even get nervous about maintaining the status of their success. Instead, with more funds and resources, more can be done.  If the person stays on track and keeps up the momentum, that initial success can mushroom and grow, causing even more impact, more growth, more sales. That’s why it is important that one stays on track and keeps forging ahead.  Stay in touch with your plans and goals and keep moving forward.

Remember Where You’ll Be

Should plans not be made for tomorrow, one will be stuck in what becomes yesterday.  It’s essential that hopes and dreams are pursued, so that the future doesn’t just happen without any thought.  By carefully choosing the path leading to where one wants to go, there’s a much better chance of getting there.  That vision got the successful to where they are now; envisioning what is up ahead will give more endurance and strength for the road up ahead.  Stay on top of your life’s map and compass to be successful today and tomorrow.

Sure – everyone dreams of being successful, and that’s the key word there – being.  Too often that verb focuses on the present tense and the details of that.  To be truly successful, one must maintain that status, and that’s the kicker:  it’s often easier to become successful than it is to remain successful.

However close you are to being successful, just know that our team here at The Six Figure Mentors is cheering you along the way.  In fact, we’re confident that if you use the product that we offer, you can become even more successful. We would love to be part of your success story!

Being Nice

Being nice in the business world will actually take you farther.  Folks gravitate toward pleasant people who offer smiles and handshakes, help and kindness – the things that really matter.  Customers are the people you want to encourage, and what better way to do that than by being nice? What are some ways to be nicer?


Maybe you think chit-chat is unnecessary.  Not so. That’s the way you get to know people.  Start with “How are you doing?” and move on to specifics that matter more.  Smile and laugh and get cozy with others, so that they like being around you. Take note of details that you can discuss.  Go beyond the weather and ask about weekend plans. Tell them about the baseball game you are going to or the movie you just saw. No complaining, mind you – even though most people have quite a few items on their negative lists if you get them started.  Instead, veer them in a positive direction with your positive comments. Encourage them to tell you more by listening and then asking a question. Just a few minutes of this can put a person more at ease. People will remember how nice you are.


“It’s so good to hear from you!” Let people know you care.  Be sincere about what you notice, and then tell them so. We don’t get enough compliments in this world of ours.  Change that by being nice to others and focusing on what they offer rather than what they lack. Give people a boost in their day by making a favorable comment on who they are and what they do.  Keep track of birthdays and the names of their spouse, children, and pets so that you can remember those. Add those special dates to your calendar and a reminder so that you can send a quick note or an e-card.  People will remember how thoughtful you are.


“I don’t know!”  Now that may not seem to fit with being nice, but it does.  When you don’t have an answer to a customer’s question, tell them so.  Let them know that you will find one – you will ask, you will do some research, and you will get back to them. Mind you, if it’s something that you really should know, then you’ll need to find out more and be sure to retain it.  When you don’t know some detail and your customers are asking, make good use of that. Turn it into a blog or add it to your FAQs or talk about it in your next presentation. Look at the topic with fresh eyes and then next time, you won’t need to shrug.  People will remember how honest you are.


If someone needs help, offer to provide that.  For instance, if someone is looking for something specific and you know where to find it, tell them.  Or maybe a person has trouble figuring out how to use something, then show them how. Give them details.  Provide training. Encourage them to learn more. Read, listen, and learn so that you can share more. Let people know when you are launching a new product or there’s something new up ahead.  Customers like to be in the know. They also like to know how to make good use of what they have, so that’s where you can be of assistance.  People will remember how helpful you are.

And that’s what you want.  You want customers to remember you.  By being nice to others, they will enjoy interacting with you.  That’s certainly the way to run a business and to enjoy what you are doing. 

We at The Six Figure Mentors certainly love what we do, and we’d like to tell you more about how we can help you connect with your customers.  Reach out to us by clicking on this link, and we’ll tell you how we can make things nicer for you.  And after all, isn’t that what we all want? For things to be nicer.